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Maia Williamson

Every report card in high school I ever got consisted of “Talks a lot to her peers, can be distracting.” What better to do with these words than transform them into a career? My passion for talking and telling stories led me to NZBS, and from that point, the ball hasn’t stopped rolling.

I am a proud member of the ‘Hot Brew Crew’ from 6am-9am weekdays on Bassline 96.1, and I double as the Digital Manager. Being On-Air has challenged me into working off a quick wit, articulating myself efficiently and learning to perfect storytelling for the purpose of entertainment. My role as the digital manager has allowed me to play around in a space full of creativity, and utilise the ever growing space of social media to build an extension of the brand Bassline. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to combine my passions for sport and talking into a commentator role with Sky Sport for the NZ Men’s and Women’s Professional Basketball Leagues, alongside a stint with TVNZ earlier this year. Being the youngest person ever in New Zealand to commentate an international basketball game is an accomplishment I wear proudly on my sleeve. I extend this passion for sport being a co-host on the Canterbury Rams podcast ‘The Ramble’ where we talk all things regarding our local basketball team. To ensure versatility in myself as a worker, I am also employed part-time in promos with NZME.  

She is busy for sure, but everything I do, I love.

Attending NZBS was the best decision I ever made, because I found a place for my passion, a surefire catalyst for a shining future. 

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