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Stretching Dollars: The Best Apps To Help You Save

Maia Williamson

Let’s talk about saving DOUGH. We all know the struggle of stretching our hard-earned cash further, whether it’s dodging eye-watering petrol prices or going coffee-less for the day to save 5 bucks.

Fortunately, there are multiple apps that can make your life easier, and your wallet thicker. Chuck these in your arsenal:


There is an indescribable pain with glancing up at the petrol sign and seeing the price creep ever so close to $3/liter. Enter Gaspy - the ultimate lifesaver for moments like this. Gaspy hooks you up with real-time updates on the cheapest petrol stations nearby, for all different types of petrol. With over 1.5 million Kiwis already on board, you know it’s legit. 


Turn the weekly chore of grocery shopping into a money-saving mission with Grocer. It scours your preferred grocery stores around the city for the best deals on your favorite foods, so you can stock up without demolishing your bank. You can either search a single product, or punch in your shopping list, and Grocer will point you to the best deal in town. 


(This one is less accessible seeing as it is a website, but it’s awesome nevertheless.) Keeping track of your finances is a headache (and scary), but Mybudgetpal is a great helping hand. Considered a ‘bird’s-eye view’ on all your finances, it tracks all spending, so you know where all your coins are going. It can also help in isolating problem areas, or limiting spending habits. Just link it with your NZ bank account, and you’re off to the races! It’s like a built-in finance bro, minus the obnoxious suit.

Money Lover

If you’re relatively new to the budgeting game, Money Lover is the way to go. It’s a simple, easy to navigate and no-nonsense app that makes tracking expenses a walk in the park. Its downfall is that it is not linked to NZ bank accounts, but it is 100% worth it for the peace of mind.

Price Spy

Price Spy is the undisputed champ on finding deals on gadgets and gear. Similar to Grocer, this app compares prices across different stores on products like appliances, electronics, furniture etc. Set your target price, and the app will notify you if a product drops below your desired level. Arguably the best part, though, is that you get daily deals and exclusive discounts!

With navigating the cost of living being a bit of a tough gig, these apps make inroads in helping you. Even if it is just a couple cents every petrol trip or a few dollars every supermarket mission, a little goes a long way.