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Brewed for Sport: Vol 5

Maia Williamson
Brewed for Sport New
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As always, Maia's got you covered for all things sport in Week 5!

Day One: A NZer involved with the Celtics?!?!

My beloved Celtics smoked the Mavs in the first couple games, and when reading about it, I came to find out a New Zealand coach is actually a part of the staff. NZ local Ross McMains is a player development coach with the Celts! He’s a part of the Tall Blacks’ coaching staff, and has spent time in various organizations and levels, from high school, to collegiate, through to professional. It’s not his first rodeo, having being involved with the Sacramento Kings and New York Knicks previously, however, this is his most notable season, given Celtics are on the road to a chip. He said he’s dreamed of this lifestyle since he was 12 years old, so to see it come to fruition is incredible. Imagine the wildest dreams you had when you were 12 ACTUALLY coming true… quite rare. He is so lucky, involved with a stacked roster with the likes of Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Jrue Holiday and Kristaps Porzingis.

Day Two: Carlos Alcaraz... new GOAT incoming?

Carlos Alcaraz has made HISTORY. At just 21, he won his 3rd Grand Slam after his French Open dub, defeating Alexander Zverev in 5 sets. As a kid, he watched Rafael Nadal with absolute admiration. Now, he’s eclipsed him as the youngest male to ever win championships across three different surfaces - clay, hard and grass. His first win was on hard court at the 2022 US Open, and then on grass at Wimbledon in 2023. This win has put him up to 3-0 in Grand Slam finals, a very impressive CV for a man at 21 years of age. On top of that, he won 4.2 MILLION dollars. Not only an impressive CV, but an impressive bank account too. 

Day Three: Sport Quiz

I decided to spice things up and turn BFS back on the Hot Brew Crew boys with a sports quiz. 

Questions were as follows: 

  • Nelly Korda is a world number one in which sport? 
  • Which English club has NOT had Jose Mourinho as a manager? 
  • At 21, Johnny Slade was the youngest NRL player to do what? 
  • Which country has hosted the most Olympic games? 
  • In tennis, what piece of fruit is found at the top of the men’s Wimbledon trophy? 

How many do you think you can get? 

Day Four: RIP Jerry West

3-time hall of famer, and inspiration of the NBA logo Jerry ‘Mr Clutch’ West has passed away at 86. West was described by the Los Angeles Clippers as the “personification of basketball excellence and a friend to all who knew him.” West will be enshrined for the 3rd time in the HOF later this year as a contributor. He was an all star in all 14 of his NBA seasons, made 12 appearances in the all NBA teams, got a 1972 chip with the Lakers and sits at 25th on the all time NBA scoring list. His greatness didn’t stop after he retired, he had a great run as a GM too. Remember the Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Kobe and Shaq era? You’ve got Jerry to thank. 

Even in West’s final years, he was considered royalty. Micky Arison, managing general partner of the Miami Heat, said “Jerry West is one of my favourite people that I had the honour to get to know in the NBA… He welcomed me to the league, offered advice from the first day and asked nothing in return. He will be missed.” 

“Success without a personal satisfaction or sacrifice isn’t success at all… It’s posturing. Money is a means of power, but seldom a measure of success.”

R.I.P Jerry West - 1938-2024

Day Five: The Celtics... again (I'm not sorry)

What better way to start and finish the week than by talking about the Celtics. Seeing as they are for sure winning the chip, we played a wee game on air to see what type of tattoo I’m going to get. I asked the boys a question about the facts about the game, and whoever got it right, got to pick a certain part of the tattoo. 

For Where: Who was the Celtics Top Scorer? 

Aidan got Jayson Tatum - He said it needs to be a tramp stamp (hilarious) 

For Main Colour: Who was the game top scorer? 

Aidan got Kyrie Irving - He said it has to be mavericks blue (again, hilarious)

For Size: Where was the game held?  

Aidan got Dallas (Sam sucks clearly) - He said it has to be as large as possible

As you can see, these boys are hilarious! And I’m definitely going to take Aidan’s recommendations. Stay tuned!