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Maia Williamson
Brewed for Sport New
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G'day! It's Maia from The Hot Brew Crew (on from 6am-9am weekdays), and I have a weekly segment called ‘Brewed for Sport’, where I read an interesting sport story everyday.

If you missed it, here's a Week One recap. 


Brewed for Sport New
Graphic Created by Maia Williamson

Saders Coach Apologizes

Cantabrians came into the 2024 rugby season with complete confidence, given the title has been in their favor since 2017. However, hopes and dreams for a 6-peat have been SHATTERED with a record-breaking 9 game losing streak. Crusaders ashamedly sit at 11th on the podium, and with 3 rounds to go, are tracking for their first playoff miss since 2015. Coach Rob Penny (you really feel for the fella) felt the need to apologize to everybody after losing to the Highlanders on Saturday 11th May, “The evidence just needs to be more obvious… the boys are really willing to do what they need to do to get the outcome or the performance that we would love to have.” (Voerman, 2024). 

Carlos 'The Lion' Ulberg

Carlos Ulberg had a Muhammad Ali-esque quote to finish off his generational performance against Alonzo Menifield. The 33-year-old Aucklander knocked out Menifield in just 12 seconds, the 3rd fastest KO in the history of the 205-pound division. Ulberg said an early blow from Menifield woke him up, quoting “When you wake a lion up, he comes out.” A new aura of confidence has been found within Ulberg, him now calling out all rivals and promising to “destroy anybody” who steps to him. Any takers? 

Boys In Red Still Have A Chance

Crusaders get a double appearance in week one because we show patriotism around here. Despite Rob Penney offering an apology post game, there is STILL a glimpse of a chance for the boys in red. So, let’s do some maths. If the Saders score bonus point wins from each of their 3 games still to come, they can sneak in there! The next 3 games consist of: Blues and Moana Pasifika at home, and an away game against the Brumbies. I know, I know, it is unlikely. But you gotta hold on to hope!

Joyjoysfitness_ is INSANE

I was scrolling on TikTok when I came across “Joyjoysfitness_'', Joy Rindfleisch, who’s an 18 year old BEAST. A sudden insecurity came over me as I watched her BENCH PRESS 130kg. An absolute freakish performance. In similar beast style, she squatted 170kg, and deadlifted 175kg. The Hot Brew Crew were astounded by this strength, and all made empty promises to go to the gym after the show.

Loyalty to A Fav Team: How Far Does It Go?

I am a DIEHARD Boston Celtics fan, and I have been since I can remember. This means I am completely emotionally invested in their performance year to year. Having just advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals, my emotions are starting to spike. It begs the question - how far would I go, or what would I do, if they WON the championship this year. On-air, I asked the boys, and Aidan, who's a major ManU fan, said he’d fly to England to celebrate with the boys. Personally, I have made the promise - ‘shake on it’ and everything - to get a CELTICS TATTOO if we win the chip this season. So watch this space, green ink incoming… 

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