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The H.A.L.F

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Introducing ‘The H.A.L.F’ - The Holly and Lily Feature!

Join Holly and Lily as they go headfirst into the wacky midday feels. They've got your back as you tackle the midday slump.

Together, they're the dynamic duo you never knew you needed. As they question the world around them, they head outside to turn the ideas into going out and doing it. 

Tune in from 12pm to 3pm on weekdays to catch the action on Bassline 96.1. It's a high-energy roller coaster ride that'll keep you laughing, guessing, and maybe even inspired to try something new yourself.

The H.A.L.F team is here to entertain, motivate, and, most importantly, have a laugh with you. So don't miss out - join the fun and let's make the most of the day together!