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The H.A.L.F Take On A New Sport!

Lily Gichard
The H.A.L.F Surfing
The H.A.L.F Learn to Surf   Lily Gichard

We sent Holly and Lily out to test their surfing skills.

We sent Holly and Lily out to test their surfing skills.


With Kelly Slater's recent news of retirement, Holly and Lily thought they would step up to the challenge to Learn to surf!


Cheehooo, All thanks to Learn to surf for teaching the team how to wide the waves like a pro

One step at a time, 


Move over Kelly Salter The H.A.LF is incoming. (Good thing he's retiring)



The H.A.L.F showing you how fun it is to go out there and pick up a new hobby of some sort. Getting out and doing it is the main thing. Get up and try something new this week because you dont know until you try!


Head to Learn to Surf - Lessons - Hire - Fun | Sumner, Christchurch (surfcoach.co.nz) to book a lesson today! Or if you already know how to shred those waves and you just need to sharpen up the skills,, hire out the board and a wetsuit!


They have all your surfing needs, GO ON GET OUT THERE AND DO IT!

Rumour has it The H.A.L.F  are heading to the Paris Olympics to take on the waves…..