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Bassline x Social Striders - The Plunge

The 8th June proved to be a success for the Bassline crew. We headed out to Sumner for a ‘Run and Plunge’ event in collaboration with the ‘Social Striders’ run club.

Meeting at the big rock, we started our day meeting the loyal runners/walkers, as well getting to know the lovely Katrina and Georgia, the owners of Social Striders. Some of our Bassline crew were brave enough to do the 30 (ish) minute run up the Esplanade, some opted for the cruiser walk. Either way, the day was beautiful, with blue skies and the sun shining. 

Bassline Plunge Squad
Taken by Maia Williamson Social Striders x Bassline Plunge

Then came the scary part. THE PLUNGE!

Only two of our Bassline members were brave enough to strip down and jump in the (freezing) cold Sumner water. Whilst it was horrifically cold, the experience was worth it, and no words can describe the amazing community feel associated with what the ‘Run + Plunge’ bought. 

Thanks to Clean Energy Collective, we had plenty of energy drinks to give out, which the runners welcomed with open arms. For those who had just tired their legs out running, the little energy boost was welcomed and appreciated.

Clean Collective Energy Drinks
Taken by Lily Gichard

Sumner Social also put on an absolute clinic, lending us their space to set up ‘Beat the Bar’, a challenge we put forward to the runners + public - how long can you hang on to the bar for? It’s harder than it sounds, I promise. Sumner Social pleased everyone by discounting their mimosas, so once you try to set a personal best on the bar, you could wash it away with elevated orange juice. Amazingly, our best time was 2:40. Our winner was an ABSOLUTE BEAST!

Beat the Bar Challenge
It's Hard! Taken by Lily Gichard

Thought the goodness ended there? Nope! Bacon Bros also came along, and had their breakfast menu sizzling all morning. There was nothing that hit the spot more than a freshly cooked Bacon Buttie after having a dip in the ocean. Bacon Bros were a complete hit for everyone, and they really tied the overall community feel altogether. 

Bacon Buttie from Bacon Bros
Taken by Maia Williamson

Run and Plunge was an incredible experience. Not only is the exercise to begin your day super rewarding, but the chance to get out and do something for the community, and be part of something bigger than yourself, always leaves you with a special feeling. We appreciate dearly everybody who came along, showed their support, and engaged with Bassline. 

More to come? Watch this space…